Well known South Bend Men who own South Bend watches

All pictures were found on Library of Congress website. Campaign started on 31.07.1919 and has ended on 8.06.1922. Every Thursday one advertising was published (with some exception). Worth checking is no 93 (there are 2 no 93’s,  no 92 was published on 5.05.1921 and no 93 next day 6.05.1921 with Mayor Franklin R. Carson name on it – please read description on this one 🙂 , then again no 93 with correct date next week). There are a few missing ones (I made an effort and checked as much as I could but still no luck) so, if any one have access to them please let me know.

no 13: 23.10.1919
is not in archive
no 37: 8.04.1920
not in archive,
but we have twice no 38
from 15.04.1920
and 22.04.1920.
no 41: 13.05.1920
issue exist but no
South Bend advert.
no 45: 10.06.1920
- issue exist but no
South Bend advert
no 129: 19.01.1922
- issue exist but
no South Bend advert