16 size Polaris


Made up with a very high grade 21 jewel open face movement, ruby jewels with gold settings, gilt lettering, handsomely damaskeened plates with gold train, all steel work polished, high grade compensating balance with gold screws, double roller escapement, steel escape wheel, sapphire pallets and jewel pin, adjusted to temperature, five positions and isochronism. A very high grade watch throughout.

Cased at factory in a South Bend open face jointed thin case. This is the thinnest 16 size case on the market at the present time which will take any standard American made movement.

The guarantee which accompanies this watch is the most comprehensive of any guarantee ever given on any watch, inasmuch as you are authorized upon presentation of the card which accompanies the watch to keep same in order without any charge to the owner, provided in the necessity for repairs is caused by defective material or poor workmanship, and send the
bill for repairing together with the card to our general offices, when it will be promptly honored and the card together with a check for the repairs returned to you, The complete watch is put up in a very nicely finished, specially designed wooden box with silk and velvet lining.

This is truly a watch for your most discriminating and fastidious trade.

Open Face. First run – 1908, last run 1908. Total production 500.