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25,05.2021 Added picture for grade 150

23.05.2021 Added post card 4

18.06.2020 Added slides provided by Rhett Lucke

25.02.2020 Replaced 12s Digital pictures from Chronofil with my own (better quality)

8.02.2020 Added Lifetime accuracy pamphlet

23.10.2019 Added adverts gallery from Ken 119 pictures.

9.10.2019 Added How good watches are made to books section, also 2 post cards and some adverts.

24.05.2019 Another donation from Mike – Marshall and Swartchild parts catalogs

20.05.2019 Thanks to Michael P. McNamee Catalog A from 1909 has been added

23.03.2018 Added more adverts and new section watch box cards to misc.

5.03.2018 Added picture for Digital, Courtesy of Chronofil (KMZiZ)

22.02.2018 Added pictures for grades 215, 223, 229

18.02.2018 Added most of 16s movement pictures, some 18s as well.

11.02.2018 Added grade 431, also all model 1 16s watches with some pictures

7.02.2018 Added Frank Kusumoto article: The South Bend 431 “Masterpiece”

27.12.2017 Added Studebaker Style Book no. 28

12.12.2017 New post card 2  and 2 more adverts added

4.12.2017 Added grade 151

2.11.2017 Added South Bend Watch Material catalog from 1928

11.10.2017 Updated links section after NAWCC forum changes, added link to serial number db from NAWCC Ch 149

1.06.2017  Added Short talks to watchmakers book 3 watch gearing to books section

31.03.2017  Added more Popular Mechanics/Science adverts, found on the Internet (Popular Mechanics archive)

22.02.2017  New menu item: Miscellaneous, added post card from 1911

14.02.2017 Added new link about South Bend watches used on time locks

11.02.2017   2 New adverts from Popular Mechanics

2.01.2017     Added grades 100 and 101

1.01.2017     Happy New Year Everyone!

29.12.2016    Added grades 407, 411 and 429

28.12.2016    Added all 6s grades, also grades 415, 417 and 419

21.12.2016    Added some more items, grade 110 info and picture, 2 new charts in articles section (courtesy of Erni Loga), grade 417 research info

20.12.2016     Added some more menu items, serial number list, links etc

19.12.2016     Added some menu items and media campaign “Well known men etc.”

16.12.2016     Website has been moved to proper hosting and its being rebuild