16 size grade 293

Grade 293

19 ruby and sapphire jewels. Gold settings. Olive hole balance jewels. Plates – nickel. Handsomely damaskeened. Pearl finish under dial and on under side of plates. Gilt lettering. Highly polished and damaskeened, cupped and beveled visible winding wheels. Recoiling click. Dust band. Balance – chamfered and extra highly polished compensating balance with gold balance screws. Meantime screws. Breguet hair spring. New stationary hair spring stud. Patent regulator. Escapement – double roller escapement. Exposed sapphire palets. Sapphire jewel pin. Steel escape wheel, highly finished with all acting surfaces ground and polished. Tested on half time without hair spring. Adjustments – adjusted to temperature, five positions and isochronism. Very accurately rated. Dial – double sunk or fancy, glass enamel, ground edge dial. Finish – bevel head screws. Gold round arm center wheel; train wheels swaged, round arm, gold train effect.

A highly finished, high grade movement in every particular. One that meets every requirement for railoroad service. Certificate of rating furnished upon application. Shipped in nickel, glass front and back, skeleton display case.

Total production – 3050. First run – 1906, last run – 1908.