18 size grade 344

Grade 344

Jewels – 17 ruby and sapphire jewels. Composition settings. Olive hole balance jewels. Plates – nickel. Handsomely damaskeened. Gilt lettering. Recoiling click. Dust band. Setting – lever. Self-locking setting device. Balance – chamfered and highly polished compensating balance. Meantime screws. Breguet hair spring. New stationary hair spring stud. “Precision” nut and screw regulator. Escapement – Double roller escapement. Steel escape wheel. Tested on half time without hair spring. Accurately rated. Dial – double sunk or fancy, glass enamel, ground edge dial. Finish – bevel head plate and jewels screws. All visible steel work nicely polished.

Hunting. Lever set. First run – 1908, last run – 1908. Total production 1000.